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Konza 2 Axis Solar Tracker
mobile Konza 2 axis solar tracker
portable Konza 2 axis solar tracker

Konza Dual Axis Solar Trackers

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About our Trackers
K4 Konza 2 axis solar tracker
The Konza Solar Tracker

find out what makes the Konza Tracker the most efficient, durable, and maintenance free dual axis solar tracker today.

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About Us

About Us

When we set out to reinvent dual axis tracking, the first question we asked was why the vast majority of dual axis trackers use a slew drive to move side to side.

Slew drives limit a trackers range of motion and twist wiring. They limit the structural strength of a tracker by placing the weight of the solar array on the tracker's most important moving part. And they don't handle wind loads well.

The only reason we could see was that the slewing design was best option, thirty years ago. But that's not good enough.

So following the lead of Mark Moser, our Chief Engineer, we converted the garage into a machine shop and got to work.

Konza tracker powers water tower

The problems with traditional dual axis solar trackers were not problems we could solve by simply adding features to protect them from high winds or adding GPS systems to keep them pointed in the right direction.

So we went back to the drawing board.

And the resulting design, based on the common universal joint, doesn't have any of the problems that slewing tackers have. Our patented, game-changing design will make solar tracking affordable and effective, anywhere, for everyone.

Energy Production
Are trackers worth it?
Only 2 axis solar trackers can add this production!

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