Dual axis Solar Trackers

Old Problems

The basic idea behind dual axis solar tracking is to enable solar panels to harvest as much energy as possible by always pointing them directly at the most energetic part of the sky (usually the sun).

But a simple concept, in practice, can be a difficult thing to perfect. For decades, inventors have been working hard to create a machine that can point solar panels effectively and efficiently.

Most of these attempts have used a part called a slewing drive as the foundation for their designs, but that foundation comes with several fundamental flaws.

First, as a slewing drive turns, it twists its

array's wires around the central pole. This means that traditional dual axis trackers cannot operate optimally where they are needed most - at extreme latitudes and for mobile applications.

Also, slewing rings are best used to rotate heavy loads without much dynamic loading. In other words, they do not like wind.

And because slewing drives have limited ranges, reliable optical tracking eludes them.

Konza Solar Trackers

New Solutions

Now available! Moser, LLC has just released its bifacial package. Ask about the K2-B or K4-B today! Universal subframe for standard solar modules and railing is also available.

At the heart of the Konza Tracker is a heavy duty universal joint. Universal joints are used in many high-stress, dynamic applications. This universal joint carries most of the weight of our solar arrays and absorbs most of the wind loading that our trackers endure. It's an extremely durable part and never needs greasing.

Three industrial grade, weather proof linear actuators. We use only the best actuators to run our trackers. They're sealed for life and never require any grease.

Floating lower actuator mount.


The Future of Freight

Moser, LLC’s patented light-sensing technology is light-sensing done right. It always points the array at the brightest region of the sky. Consequently, the Konza Tracker outproduces trackers that use GPS, timers, and other optical systems. Plus the Konza Tracker’s performance under cloud cover cannot be beat.

Due to our tracker’s total hemispheric range of motion and true optical tracking technology, the Konza Tracker requires no cardinal orientation, latitude programming, or limit switch setting. It doesn’t need to know where it is or which way it’s facing, and even in cloudy weather or on the move, it simply cannot get lost.


Keep it simple!

We know that one reason people avoid solar trackers is the added maintenance, so we built a tracker that has the same maintenance requirements as the panels themselves. To ensure peak yield, we recommend cleaning the Konza Sensor and inspecting system wiring at least once per year.



Bifacial options now available!
K4 Specs
K2 Specs
K1 Specs

Patented controller, structure, and true optical sensor. The superiority of our tracker's behavior stems from the simplicity of our sensor and governing logic. It is the simplest and most efficient tracking system on the planet.

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